Shall we use conventional air purifiers?

Published on April 17, 2019

Author: Dharmendra Bhaskar

The reason for being skeptical is not wrong, because there are many harmful air purifiers in the market. On the contrary buying them will damage your health drastically. So being cautious is good thing. The total blame on air purifier skepticism goes to HEPA. Try to find out issues with the HEPA enabled air purifier manufacturing companies (most of them buy finished air purifiers from China, white label - OEM / ODM model) here :
Apart from that continuous servicing of air purifier is must. You need to replace the filters at regular intervals of time. Forgetting that leads to inhaling toxic air and thinking that you have clean air access. While cleaning the HEPA filters you should be very careful as if the container is not sealed and dust is exposed to air the bacteria and viruses can once again enter the air. So precautions are advised. Unfortunately many famous brands also have given the specifications like 99.*
simple trying to mask their quality. Best example is Philips AC4012/10 36-Watt Tulip Air Purifier specifications missing vital information and specify about PM2.5 filtration but percentage says 99.9% * The retailer's home page specifications are not accurate. Many cases the merchants entered wrong information. Best example same above philips air purifier. Please check HEPA filter details in brand product page. Check the specifications at manufacturer's website as retails product page may have wrong information.