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The technology owned by Shuddh Air Purifier captures upto 99.97% of fine particles from air and give us pure air to breath.


99.97% effective

Ecological (Recyclable)

Adaptability to all industries, transportation and domestic use.

Large capacity of treated air.

Easy maintenance: Washable filter.

Consumes 12 - 24 Watts.

Non-existent basic model: made-to-measure

Confusion between "product" and

Requires expertise to install, retro fit model.

The cost of producing the prototype is little high.

Must be integrated into the exhaust system.

The global market exceeds 200 billion in volume.

Media coverage of the problem is constantly increasing.

Political parties have also started making it a point in their agenda.

Suitable for all points requested by ecologists.

Wide range of application area like home, office, industrial chimneys, motor vehicles etc.

Certification takes time.

Less awareness to choose right product.

No strict rule imposed to minimise pollution.

A product crushing all competition


Performance: Capturing 99.97% of particles

No filter replacement

Particle treatment up to 0.03 microns diameter

Sharp decrease in counter pressure.

Lifetime warranty

Low power consumption (12 watt)

Easy maintenance

The service of maintenance, SAV

Certificates related to technology: EURO 6 / CHINA 5, ISO, MSME, Startup India.

Our target

A marketing strategy focused on heavy vehicles (beachhead) because of our expertise and experiences in the sector.

Since the first applications of our technologies are based on these industries, it will be easier to penetrate and become famous.

Direct customers for the application on new vehicles

Auto equipment manufacturers: so that the Shuddh Air Purifier technology can be integrated directly on the assembly parts. In this way all vehicles will carry this technology from the final production

Vehicle manufacturers: this technology can also be sold as an assembly part.

Direct Customers for Application on Used Vehicles (Repackaging)

Town halls (case with electric vehicles): Some cities have already invested in electric vehicles. Our technology will add value to old fuel vehicles

Town halls (case of renewal): Electric vehicles represent a major change in the structures related to urban planning. It is expensive and very difficult in terms of organization for large cities. Our technology will allow these cities to enter the standards without having to invest in the production of new vehicles and the adaptation of the urban landscape to the use of electric vehicles

Demand and need

How does such a technology to solve the main problems related to particle pollution encounter difficulties in entering the market?

The public

A non-existent demand from the public due only to the ignorance of the existence of our solution

Indeed, the public can not put pressure if they are not aware of existing solutions. It's the pressure of the end customer that will impose a change

The industry will have to meet public demand.

Huge need in terms of public health.

Even if the need is immense, the company does not change its habits and remains only waiting for the contribution of a solution by an organism


Strong demand from companies: interested in the low cost of our product

Shuddh Air Purifier represents other benefits than its effectiveness. This is why its technology can be chosen in the face of these competitors

A weak need due to the low requirement of the authorities and the public

Our targets have no obligation to make new investments as long as a law does not require the improvement of their exhaust system (eg RATP)

Summary of the issues

Topics to discuss regarding product issues:

Creating a product representation form

Clear communication from Shuddh Air Purifier as a tailor-made technology

Creation of an offer combining expertise for product adaptation and prototype production

Research technology or product partners to become a key part of vehicle assembly

Topics to be addressed concerning the issues related to the environment:

Increased awareness to create demand from the public

Become legitimate in order to increase the demand from the private sector

Differentiate clearly from the competition

Differentiation Strategy

Shuddh Air Purifier technology offers a better service, a better product and a complete solution against the emission of fine particles. What are its advantages and how to put them in front of customers?

Avantages of the technology Shuddh Air Purifier

Strong reduction of the counter pressure on the machine for commercial purification system.

No filter replacement required.

- Low price.

- Independent solution (long-term investment).

Lifetime warranty (filter)

Suitable for operation in high temperatures (800 ° C)

Differentiation: Price or Quality?

In our case these are the two: we will put forward the low cost price

We believe that for manufacturers who have already invested in this type of system, even if they are less efficient than our product, they allow them to be in the market standards.

Our argument must therefore be about the price of our product