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Top 5 polluted cities of India today

Delhi Lucknow Patna Varanasi Kanpur

We are a team of skilled engineers and innovators who believe that to improve the quality of life on earth, we need to improve the quality of its air. And what better place to start than India - home to 10 of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world. Our product Shuddh Electro Filter is an innovative pollution control device that captures pollutants and converts it into something useful!


We are An ISO 9001:2015 certified company which offers solution to reduce pollutants from Home, Offices, Institutions, Car.We have uniquely invented Air purifier device which minimise 99.97% pollution (Home, Offices, Institutions, Car, PM2.5 and PM10, 0.01 microns diameters).Our Air purifier are designed to let you breathe healthy, stay protected from air-borne unwanted diseases and makes something useful from captured particulate matter.Simple to operate and maintain, almost no replacement costs, Lightweight and portable, space saver.Filter Used is Advanced Controlled Electrostatic Precipitator(ACESP). We have French technological collaboration to partner in anti pollution drive. We have rewarded scientist Mr. Daniel TEBOUL and Emrah ALTUGLU from France and Turkey who are in continuous endeavour to curve pollution level world wide.


Pollution is now a common place term, that our ears are attuned to. It has deadly impact on mankind and nature like respiratory and heart problems, global warming, acid rain, eutrophication, effect on wildlife, depletion of ozone layer.


Most appreciated technological invention : Shuddh Electro Filter to capture upto 99.97% pollutants from polluted air. Best used in Home, Offices, Institutions, Car, diesel generator, industrial chimneys, diesel motor vehicles.


Help reduce the risk of Infection of Swine Flu, reduce microbes in the air and reduce risk of infection.Can protect you immediately from a sneeze anywhere in a room.It has been proved that Shuddh Air purifer has obviously effect on the Asthmatics.Washable ACESP filter needs no replacement which contributes for cost saving and eco-friendly.The smart usage of six small CPU fans leads to extremely low noise, balanced aeration and high airflow.


Our Target Areas


The indoor air in your home may look clean, but it is actually not. The air inside your home is generally between two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Some factors can make indoor air up to 100 times more toxic than the outdoor environment.


Public health researchers have found that not even working indoors in an office can protect people from the deleterious impacts of polluted air and particularly fine particulate pollution.


The complex hospital environment requires special attention to ensure healthful indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect patients and healthcare workers against hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections and occupational diseases.


Schools should provide a healthy environment in which students can thrive. Indoor air pollutants can cause a lack of concentration and fatigue, which consequently affect a child’s learning capabilities. Air purification – to improve air quality and reduce indoor air pollution.


Diseal Generator sets are most widely used for power backup during electricity cuts, causing a huge spike in air pollution levels in the local surroundings as Societies and Apartments, says the CSE tudy, Pollution in residential societies from Diseal Generator sets.

Shopping complex

Shopping Malls are big energy consumers and thus generators of greenhouse gases. By this, malls contribute to global warming and indirectly pollute our planet.

Business complex

Business Industry is a major cause of air pollution, since the operation of factories results in the emission of pollutants, including organic solvents, respirable particles, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX).


There are many things that release pollutants into the air of our homes, and chimneys are no exception. Smoke pollution can cause respiratory issues, cardiovascular illness, cancer, and can damage lung tissue.

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