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"Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" : strong statement that creates awareness worldwide about cleanliness drive especially particulate matter problem and offers an easy solution for critical public health issue.

What is "Smog"

The term “smog” was first coined in the early 20th century in London to describe the low hanging pollution that covered the city. Smog is the stuff that will make you cough and burn your eyes—that’s because it’s majorly made up of ozone. When certain pollutants enter the air — like nitrogen oxides — they react with the sunlight to form ozone. It’s a good thing when it’s high up in the atmosphere, but not so good when we’re breathing it. It can cause everything from eye irritation to chronic asthma and can also severely impact the productivity of agricultural areas.

What we are?

Shuddh Electronics is “Startup India” and “Make in India” initiative which is a research and development wing for air purification, working with French scientists Dr. Daniel and Dr. Emrah having patented ACESP (advanced controlled electrostatic precipitator) technology which capture pollutants like DUST, PLANT POLLEN, SMOKE (CARBON, TAR and ASH), GERMS / VIRUS from air on low electricity consumption and low maintenance cost.
After huge hue and cry in the capital for air pollution, we started to develop and design most innovative and advanced working "Shuddh Smog Tower" which is simply monster for smog / air pollution!

How it works

1. "Shuddh Smog Tower" will treat 425 CMM, collecting more than 75% of two kinds of pollutants, PM2.5 and PM10, that contribute to smog from upto 300 -350 meters area.
2. It should be 25-feet (from base including platform) tall and 5-feet (approx.) wide, will have the capacity of cleaning 600000 cubic meters(approx.) of air per day.
3. Designed on the air quality of the capital, one such Shuddh Smog Tower will be able to clean air upto 300 -350 meters area.
4. The purifier will take air from all angles, which in turn, will help generate 25000 cubic meters (approx.) of clean air per hour.
5. The Shuddh Smog Tower should work using THREE stages of physical filtration to clean out 99% pollutants. Apart from the pre-filter which will remove the visible (Particulate Matter 10 & above) particles; Daniel’s Advance controlled Electrostatic Precipitator will clean out PM 2.5 particle (small particles) up to 99%.
6. ACESP filtration technology will remove all offset, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ODOR.
7. The Tower shall be equipped with 2-4 centrifugal / axial fans to keep the flow of clean air constant.
8. Shuddh Smog Tower can also skip the electric grid and run on solar energy, provided there is adequate space.

What we need

1. 1 inch wide water drainage pipeline from Shuddh Smog Tower to drain to pass dirty water after cleaning the filter at every     3 months.
2. Electricity connection 220 V normal supply to run fan at up to 2880 RPM.
3. 5x5 ft. wide and 25 ft. height space on the round about.
4. Noise level shall be around 45-90 db.
5. 3 phase electricity supply connection.
6. Coverage area 300 -350 meters.
7. 24x7 security camera to monitor public activity around the Shuddh Smog Tower (we will setup).
8. PM 2.5 and PM10 wireless sensor to calculate pollution statistics (we will setup) and share with the authority.
9. Extremly low maintenance cost is its added value.
10. Electricity charges (2.3 - 3.7 KW/H) shall be around 9500 – 14000/- INR per month (as per New Delhi charges).

Cost benefit

1. Shuddh Smog Tower doesn’t require filter replacement. Others need to replace filter after every 3000 hours of functioning.
2. Shuddh filter life expectancy is minimum 10 years. Other air purification system requires to change filters every 3 months or less.
3. Maintenance cost is lowest compared to other air purification solution, only cleaning of filter required at every 3 months, others technology need filter replacement which is very expensive.
4. Electricity consumption is lower than other air purification method.
5. Low noise compared to others as it flows air through the open magnetic area compared to others via condensed HEPA filters which creates counter pressure and resulting to noise.

Positive results

The results confirm that the Shuddh Smog Tower captures and removes up to 75% of the ingested PM10 and up to 65% of the ingested PM2.5. For a tower in an open field in calm weather, this provides PM10 reductions up to 55% and PM2.5 reductions up to 45% in a circle around the tower. When the tower is installed at a semi-enclosed or enclosed courtyards, the beneficial effects shall be much larger.

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