Got a lot of questions? Let’s clear the air.

India is amongst the most highly polluted regions in the world. As per a recent WHO report, 13 of the top 20 polluted cities in the world are in India. Add to this fact, the indoor air pollution is up to 10 times** worse than outdoor air pollution. There are many factors that contribute to indoor air pollution.

  • Oil and spices based cooking (ii) Burning of incense sticks, candles
  • Pollution emitted from carpets and fabric based items such as sofas etc.
  • Furniture polish
  • Usage of cleaning agents such as Floor cleaners (Phenyl), Colin, Wood cleaners etc.

Broadly, there are 3 kinds of pollutants inside home

  • PM10 size which is the normal dust, hair, dander etc. that we can see through naked eye
  • the most dangerous particle is in the form of PM2.5 (2.5 micron in size). This is the particle which is responsible for short term effects in the form of running nose, skin allergies, restlessness and migraine like headaches and long term effects in terms of diseases, reduced stamina and general unhealthy effects
  • High concentration of harmful gases (again released by all the above) and external air - Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogenous and Sulphur oxide gases etc. The effects of all these gases are proven to be extremely detrimental to health.

The main function of the Shuddh Air Purifier is to purify the air inside your home and office. The Air Purifier removes pollutants and provides clean air clean air is an important need in the present environment where major news and media reports constantly suggest about rising pollution levels, making it an unhealthy environment to breathe in.

Shuddh Air Purifier has a 3 stage filtration process. Filter No. 1 - Pre Filter removes all the PM10 and larger particles. Filter No 2 - PATENTED ACESP Filter (high efficiency particulate arrestance) removes close to 99% of PM2.5 particles. Filter No. 3 – Patented HiSiv filter that traps the harmful gases, volatile organic compounds (the odor and smell) and the carcinogenic (cancer causing) formaldehydes from the ambient air.

The effect is that once you put this product in your room it traps the harmful pollutants (both visible and invisible) and provides pollution free clean air for you and your loved ones.

Any normal AC is designed to suck in the air from the room, dehumidify and cool it and then send it back. It does not remove major pollutants from the room unless it’s certified to work as an air purifier as well. Air conditioners boasting to clean the air cannot capture most harmful gases and pollutants below PM10 in size. Air Purifiers remove >99% pollutants by addressing core problems like PM2.5. Secondly, an AC is likely to be in operation only during summer season or nights and consume lot of electricity. Air Purifiers are designed to work throughout the day and year at a very low power consumption.

Varies for different models however at the lowest fan speed it uses 7.5W (comparable to LED bulb) and maximum 66 W for the largest model (which is less than a normal ceiling fan)

The products are designed to run 24 hrs. However one may use it as per personal preference - during sleep hours or any specific time during the day as per personal preference.

Different models have different coverage areas. The Air Touch Champagne Gold, Classic White, and Air Touch S have a CADR (clean air delivery rate)* of 300 cubic meters per hour which is good for up to 450 sq.ft. area (as per operating environment). The Air Touch P has a CADR of 450 cubic meters per hour which is good for up to 675 sq.ft. Please note that square foot area coverage is a subjective claim as per different measuring standards. Our recommendation is to compare products basis the CADR.

The average Indian bedrooms in metro cities are typically 100 to 150 square feet in size while the living rooms are 250 to 300 square feet which essentially means that the Shuddh Air Purifier unit should be good for all the different type of rooms that you have in your house.

*Clean air delivery is the volume of air that a specific model air purifier cleanses of a specific pollutant in cubic feet per minute. CADR is the airflow in cubic feet per minute (cfm) multiplied by the efficiency (percentage) of particle removal. So a customer should look out for airflow rate or CADR in combination with area coverage. If the air flow rate is low and area coverage is more, it means it will take longer to clean the entire room.

The Shuddh Air Purifier can be placed anywhere in the bed room or the living room and hence it’s a portable unit. It is recommended that you place it in an open area, free from many obstructions and also in a way that it does not hinder free movement inside the room. The product has a ‘Zero blind angle’ air circulation design which covers all areas of the room within coverage area.

Air Touch Air Purifier cleans only the room that it is operating in.

Shuddh Air Purifiers are portable. They have a grip space at the back to carry it. However if relocating the unit is not convenient then it is advisable to opt for multiple units as per requirement.


No, they don’t remove the moisture from the air, in fact HiSiv is more efficient than Activated Carbon in maintaining moisture in the room

Smells / Bad odor are generated by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Generally the solution most people use for this inside their home/car is an air freshener, which acts to only suppress the smell but does nothing to actually purify the air of the pollutants causing the bad odour. The HiSiv filter traps the VOCs and removes any smell / bad odor.

The time taken to clean the air in a room depends on 3 factors – Room size, CADR and ambient air pollution level. Higher the pollution level, greater the time taken to clean the room air.

Yes it would work, but with polluted air also coming in at the same time, the air purifier would operate less efficiently. For instance, consider how we use an AC. When the AC is on, we tend to keep windows and doors closed.

The purifiers have three LED colors – Red, Amber and Blue. Each color indicates the air quality in operating room. The smart sensor in Shuddh Air Purifier senses the level of air pollution and accordingly the LED changes its color. Red indicates highly polluted air, amber indicates moderately polluted air and blue indicates clean air.

Air Touch S is India’s first Smart and Connected Air Purifier. Air Touch S is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled through an app. It is available in Royal Silver color and is suitable for all types of home décor.

The Shuddh H Plus app is the companion app for the Air Touch S and has the following benefits:

  • Remotely Control the air purifier
  • Real Time PM2.5 level of the room air
  • Real Time update of the filter health
  • Hot Key functions for Quick and Quiet, in addition to the functions available on the air purifier
  • Control of multiple purifiers through a single login
  • Automatic Updates for all future enhancements in the app

The life of the PATENTED ACESP, patented HiSiv filter is close to 10 years. of operation. The Smart Sensor on Shuddh Air Purifiers provides a light indicator that alerts the need to change filters (blinking of specific number marked LED for each filter on touch panel display). There is no need to remember the filter replacement dates.

The Shuddh Air Purifier app is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is compatible with:

  • All Android mobile phones with OS version 3
  • All iOS mobile phones with OS version 7.0 and above
  • Not compatible with Windows and Blackberry

Quick mode on the App enables the fastest fan speed automatically on the device and Quiet mode enables the low fan speed automatically. These are 2 additional modes provided in the app along with the 3 modes on the device – Auto, Sleep and Manual.

The life of the PATENTED ACESP and patented HiSiv filter is close to 10 years. of operation. The Smart Sensor on Shuddh Air Purifier provides a light indicator that alerts the need to change filters (blinking of specific number marked LED for each filter on touch panel display). There is no need to remember the filter replacement dates.

The filters are listed on (separate product listing) and also available at a Croma store near you. You may also call the Shuddh Air Purifier Smart Home Customer Care Manager on TFN (18005722161) for assistance. The filter replacement is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) effort and can be done in less than a minute.

For Shuddh Air Purifier Range of purifiers, the standard warranty is 10 months.

For Shuddh Air Purifier Move Pure car air purifier, the warranty is 10 months.

For Shuddh Air Purifier Lite Indoor Air Purifier, the standard warranty is 10 months.

Call the Shuddh Air Purifier Smart Home Customer Care Manager at the toll-free helpline (1800-103-4761) for registering your case and our team will guide you through the next steps.

Always turn the power off and remove the plug from the wall outlet before introducing a filter replacement, moving or cleaning the equipment. However, the device will be automatically switched off when you open the filter compartment door.

To enable the Child Lock mode, press the Child Lock button for more than 3 secs and the device will be operational under Child Lock mode. In this mode, all the other buttons will be disabled. To enable all buttons, press the Child Lock button for more than 3 secs again until the Child Lock LED is OFF.

To enable the Timer mode, you can select 2H, 4H, 8H Timer modes on the control panel. After operating for selected Timer option, the device will be switched OFF when the time counts down and there will be no reminder tone. All the other modes – sleep, auto, manual can be turned ON along with the Timer mode.

If you want to switch ON the device, you have to manually switch ON the device.

When the power is resumed, the device is switched on automatically with previous settings before the outage happened.

If the child lock was ON before the power outage, it will be in ON state after the power is resumed.

If the time mode was ON before the power outage, timer will be disabled after the power is resumed.

It might be due to device not powered ON or if the filter compartment is not properly locked. Also ensure that the Child Lock is not ON (the Child Lock LED will lit up in ON state).

The Shuddh Air Purifier Lite has 1 compound filter with 3 stage filtration – pre-filter to capture pet dander, human hair, PM 10 and visible dust followed by PATENTED ACESP to arrest PM2.5 up to 0.3µm of particulate matter and activated carbon filter to adsorb volatile organic compounds like benzene, formaldehyde, other toxic gases and odour. The Pre-Filter is attached with a Velcro and can be removed for cleaning with a soft cloth. The rest of the filter can only be replaced and the life of the filter is 2200 hrs which means if it is used for 12hrs every day, the filter may need replacement in 6 months.

There is a Filter Replacement Indicator icon on the control panel starts blinking when the filter is clogged and needs replacement. At 80-99% filter usage, the LED will blink slowly in RED and once completely clogged at 100%, the LED will be stable in RED. This behavior reminds the user to replace the new filter.

Please ensure after replacing the clogged filter with new filter, press the RESET button for more than 3 secs to reset until the filter replacement indicator is switched OFF.

Gently open the front door from the sides as directed in the manual completely. Remove the used filters as directed and dispose them properly. While installing the new filters, remove the plastic covering on the filter and install in the slot inside the device as directed in the manual. After installing the filters, push the front door back to fix well. Gently press the Filter Replacement Icon as directed for 3 secs to reset the device. The filter is reset now.